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Homefront - USA

Being a British expat, I would love to collect and display Blitz / British home front items.  However in all practicality the WW1 and WW2 US Home Front materials are far more available and less documented / researched than the GI experience at the front on Land, Sea and Air.

Here we see a selection of War Bond drive printed materials from WW2.

In both World Wars the National pride and duty so save, make do and support the war effort with Liberty Loans and War Bonds which were Nationally organized and with advancements in printed material.  Within this subject there is also the "sweetheart" material originated at home and theater / leave, made locally and bought by the service men and women overseas to keep or send home.

Here we see a French made WW1 "sweet heart" silk pillowcase in elaborate multi-colored embroidery and deep lace fringes.

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