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WW1 and WW2 "Sweetheart" Silk and Embroidery

The First World War created social and economic crisis in Europe with many countries and regions having a traditional textile industry and home craft of decorative embroidery. Needlepoint skills and materials were still on point and the armies at rest made a healthy market for simple (and often reproduced) designs and items to send back home.

I had access to one of the largest private collections of war time silk items in the US and have hand selected items for framing for sale, presentation and display in the living history / collector community.

This 20" x 20" shadow boxed framed, diamond orientation, khaki silk pillow with fringed outline and hand stitched dates, "victorious, allies, world war" and the color silk embroidered flag of each Allied country (USA, Britain, France, Belgium, Italy and Japan). Sold in a live sale with Magi Mercantile.

This 22" x 22" square format shadow box frame houses a cream silk pillow case with deep lace fringe with a decorative embroidered circle of green leaves, yellow stars and purple florets with and eagle, laurel wreath and crossed American and French flags and the script "souvenir de France". Newly framed and sealed in April 2024 for the show circuit and for sale - I should really look to keep one of these..

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