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Vintage Elgin Watches

Elgin Watch Company also known as Elgin National Watch Company was based in Elgin, Chicago Illinois and was the largest watch manufacturer in the world for over 100 years.  In principle US ownership and operation from 1864 to 1968 using brands: Elgin, Lord Elgin and Lady Elgin.  Generations of Americans have treasured the gift of an Elgin watch.

Elgin 1897 Exhibition Pocket Watch 3.jpg
Lady Elgin 1947, White Gold and 4 Diamonds

Elgin produced reliable and affordable watches for gentry and industry and lead the way in technology and innovation in each generation:

  • Increasing jewel count in movements - 21 jewels in 1897>>

  • Case work in base metal, silver, gold and platinum.  Settings with real diamonds.

  • Timepieces for railroad grade for precision schedules - "Railroad Grade"

  • << Transition from pocket watches to wrist watches

  • Development of the men's wrist watch - "tanker" watch.



  • <<Leading Art Deco watch design.

  • Striking Bakelite and early thermoplastic watch cases.>>

  • "Observatory" quality regulation / accuracy - "timed by the stars".

  • Leading self winding technology

  • <<"Direct Read" watch innovator - culminating in the "golf ball / Elvis watches of the 1950's / 1960's.

  • Leading quartz - battery technology - "Starfire" brand for the Space Race.

Elgin 1937 Bakelite 1.jpg
Elgin Elvis 1_edited.jpg

Work is ongoing to secure intact / excellent examples of each series of innovations / designs and work to have them professionally serviced and graded for resale.  Ideal for those supporting a living history impression and collectors!

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