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British Pattern 37 Small Pack - Typical Contents

Updated: May 3

Lifting Verne's images from the unit Facebook page to continue the write up here. Find a tour through a Pattern 37 small pack as would be used by the PBI (poor blinking infantry) as they were on the move and battle through France and Into Belgium and onto Germany.

The smallpack and L-straps are blancoed on their outer surfaces - in this case shade KG03 per the Sottish Regiment that we represent. The first item at hand are the pint sized enamel mug and groundsheet / rain cape. Inside there are many wonderful things:

Bottom row left to right: White canvas wash roll containing: soap, shave cream, tooth brush and paste, razor (in container), button (polishing) stick and spare shoe laces, 2 mess tins - late war aluminium that fit within one another and a nesting cutlery set of knife, fork and spoon that clip together.

Middle row left to right: Sterno "tommy cooker" and ring, housewife sewing kit with spare buttons, wool with needles and cotton, matches, Rolls Razor in its chrome container, army issue bible, white enamel 1 pint mug, ground sheet with foot powder, shoe polish and dubbin upon it.

Top row left to right: cap comforter, spare underwear, wooly socks, wooly gloves, army balaclava.

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