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1941 Longbranch No4T Replica

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

This rifle is in the ArtioZen collection.

A No4Mk1 T Lee Enfield Sniper Replica / Reproduction based on a 1941 Longbranch - built for WW2 re-enactment. This rifle has been saved from a sticky end and properly built to British FTR instructions, using original processes and techniques. The 1941 Mk1 Longbranch base rifle has mismatched serial numbers on the action and bolt, but the bolt has been rebuilt to fit the rifle from NOS parts, including bolt head overwind and striker face angles per the T sniper specs.

It has the bolt head release catch making it a mk1 not a mk1*. The rifle metal has all been refinished in high temp, bake hardened semi gloss paint to approximate Suncorite as used in the British FTR programs. The barrel is dark and textured with 4 grooves, but shoots very well - producing 4MOA groups of 5 rounds. The wood set is a "rack grade" used beech set that is properly fitted and features dings, gouges and scrapes.

The sniper cheek piece has been properly fitted with more appropriate steel slot head screws, there is a hole just behind it from a screw for a previous incarnation that needs to be filled. Ideal for use by a hunter or ww2 re-enactor. The No32 Mk1 scope conversion for this rifle are all (brand new) SARCO reproductions, the pads were hand finished and fitted per the original standards with solder for repair and to collimate the scope and bracket to the bore. The bracket has been hand ground to soften its form and have a finish more like the original brackets, the scope and bracket have been painted in the same paint as the rifle action and a "B" stenciled in blue onto the scope to replicate that of device with a "bloomed" lens coating. Built for a re-enactor to use in the woods on long weekends re-creating Europe in 1944.

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