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1970 L39 Target Rifle (7.62 x 51mm NATO) - Enfield Lock

This rifle is part of the ArtioZen collection.

An excellent condition 1970 L39 Target Rifle, designed and built in 7.62 x 51mm NATO. After the successes of private 7.62 x 51mm NATO conversion on the Lee Enfield No4 platform, The British Government commissioned the latest sniper rifle generation - the L42A1 and an official Target rifle the L39. These platforms would share the free floating forged heavy barrel and short wooden fore-end (in Beech). The L39 was envisioned as a single shot rifle, built on NEW No4mk2 receivers and using a 303 format magazine to provide a loading platform. This example has had an L8 / L42 magazine added - which is a simple conversion requiring only relief of the trigger guard profile to match the new magazine shape. The 7.62 x 51mm cartridge required the ejector to be built into the magazine body as a reinforced rear left lip - this also requires the deletion of the Ejector screw from the 303 versions. The empty tapped hole is used for the front mount screw for the Parker Hale rear sight. These were made by Enfield Lock (UE) with about 2500 total made - as observed the serial numbers are A prefixed with up to 4 digits behind - the serial is found on the left receiver wall, bolt handle and the underside of the front lower handguard. The bolt body and bolt head were proofed to the higher pressures required for the round - 19T being engraved on both. I added the rubber butt pad for my shooting needs - I've found these reduce felt recoil to 1/3 while adding an inch to the length of pull and more grip to the shoulder "pocket".

The rifle shows the high quality of the Enfield Armoury in 1970 with a decent tone to the Beech wood set from oil treatments. The metal is all phosphated and then stove painted with Suncorite to give a contrasting semi-gloss black. The cold war built Beech rifles are some of the most better looking rifles due to this material and finish combination. The triangular sling swivel on this example is the Parker Hale 215J "high rise" model. The original heavy barrel has a characteristic "snake skin" texturing from the forging process.


The Sight Systems - Made by AJP (associated with Parker Hale) - the TZ47 calibrated in 7.62 on the range scale has 1/4 MOA clicks and marks for both Elevation and Windage. This model also used a side lever on the body to allow the elevation scale to quickly slide off and be repositioned within an adjustment click or two for accuracy. This example has a Deluxe iris diopter with integral filter rings - offering 5 colored or polaroid light filters for quick change and adjustment while on the firing line. The front sight is a Matchmaker which uses 19mm elements.

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