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WW2 British "Tommy Cooker", Fuel Tins and Enamel Mug - D-Day - Select from Menu!

WW2 British "Tommy Cooker", Fuel Tins and Enamel Mug - D-Day - Select from Menu!


Paper and Vinyl wrapped M71 personal stoves to emulate the mid WW1 to preWW2 (paper wrapped and WW2 Enamled (vinyl wrapped) "Tommy Cooker" personal stoves - private purchased and used by Commonwealth PBI for almost the whole of the 20th century.  These include a cut and folded tin plate burner spacer of the authentic pattern.


Reproduction British Tommy Cooker Fuel Containers (Hexamine).  These were issed to troops for D-Day along with the stove and 2x "24 Hour assault rations" to use with it.   This tin is  based on a modern air tight tea caddy type that has a secondary internal lid - ideal to use as a stash for keys, cards, valuables or to store food or stove fuel (do not mix the purposes of the tin for contamination control).


4 paint versions of the fuel tin were made and were often mixed at issue.  Choose from White or Grey paint or Silver or Gold metalic finishes per your tastes.


The delux  tins upgrade feature an authentic spun lid with resealable black tape seal and an internal card liners with an additional mild steel stove burner disk.


The troops were issed with one cardboard refill tube in addition to the painted tin of fuel.  These are made in the UK with high authenticity and complete the display / collection set.  The card tubes come with painted steel end caps, internal card liners and a spare authentic steel burner disk.


We have made a Useable Folding Personal Cooker - as an authentic early design @1942  stove (angled edges) in stainless steel to withstand being fired up frequently.  Two burner circles are included - one sized per the original and another sized to fill the tripod fully for serious heat and stability.  The burner circle for the stove was originally shipped in the top of the fuel tin or refil, while the folding legs fitted into the mess tins along with the 24 hour ration packs.


We also now have an authentic pint sized enamel mug (restaurant supply quality) in white with a blue rim, there were the standard issue to all Commonwealth infantry through WW1, inter war period and upto 1945.


We also offer here single and multple packs of the vinyl lables to apply to M71 stoves and the current size of Swan Vesta match box from Europe to retro decorate these to the 1940s art.

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