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Replica SANo15 Chest for Storing the No4T CES

Replica SANo15 Chest for Storing the No4T CES


From the consortium of 3 collector / enthusiasts come the first exacting replica of a wartime SANo15 Storage / Transport Chest for the Lee Enfield No4T Sniper Complete Equipment Schedule.


These are made in the US using choice white wood which is milled to the original dimensions observed on drawings and 16 example chests canvassed by the consortium.  Land Rover / MoD specifcation and quality toggles are used, along with Volksbolts exacting hasps and hinges - all with original specification raw steel, slot drive fasteners.  The chests are machined, painted, assembled and marked in the US individually.  This includes green outer paint, inner red oxide primer, basic stencils and faithfully reproduced internal contents label and external stores label.


These take and fit perfectly a No4T rifle without scope.  the No8 scope tin in the correct blocks and clamps and a Scout Regiment Telescope in the left hand felt padded end pocket, with lots of pocket room remianing for other material.  Original spec lid seals, tacks, check straps and partition block whipping string is also evident.  This is completed with an original style makers mark and date stamped into the end accross the dovetails.


Are these as valuable and worn as an orignal crate?  No - but clearly they are next best thing to protect, store and move your example / investment.


Each crate is finished and sold individually from materials and inventory on hand.  The next example will be added here when avaailble and could be along in weeks or months - depending on time and materials. Finish options will be given at invoice.  Full freight shipping service and insurance provided to 48 states - other location by request.

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