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Pattern 37 British Made Webbing Gear 1937 - 1954

Pattern 37 British Made Webbing Gear 1937 - 1954


Pattern 37 British Commonwealth webbing components, fresh from stores and ready for collecting or re-enacting in used or NOS condition.  Here we deal with British made and marked components - other listing have Canadian and other countries.


Early Small marked belts were remarked Normal mid war.  Large Belts were designed to be 56" long  Extra Large belts were 56".


Mk1 Ammo Pouches  sit low on the belt and are sized for Bren mags and feature single round loops in the cover for Grenade Launching rounds.

Mk2 Ammo Pouches are as Mk1 but sit higher on the belt by 1" to allow for bending and sitting comfort.

Mk3 Ammo Pouches are 1/2" taller for the longer Sten magazines.


Press studs were featured on all early manufactured and stayed until the post war contracts by some manufacturers.

Mid war efficiencies lead to an alternative canvas toggle closure (interchangeable with press stud versions) and the use of coated steel fittings instead of brass (or web keepers in place of metal).  Post war pouches returned to brass fittings and then later a water drain hole added in the base by 1953 the brass was being chemically blackened / coated (Bonderized).


Driver Pouches were an option for guards and drivers that needed basic ammunition types and in a seated position.  The standard pouch was used which had a large webbing loop on its upper rear to hang from a P37 belt (one pouch only).


MT Utlity pouches are used by the heavy / crew device section to carry extra magazines and rounds in two pouches over the left shoulder.  The "front" utility pouch has the long chest strap attached, the "back" utility pouch has a back loop to pass the chest strap through, a pair would take a neck yolk.


Small packs use L straps to produce shoulder straps that latch to the top of the ammo pouches (Large packs can do this too).

Shoulder straps are good to add (to shoulder carry) large packs, small packs, officer valise, map cases and canteens.


A typical rifle platoon soldier would need:


Cross straps, belt, ammo pouches, bayonet frog, canteen hanger, entrenching tool hanger / cover, small pack, "L" straps.


An NCO belt would hold a pistol holster and a pistol ammo pouch.


An officer web set would be:  cross straps, belt, pistol holster, pistol ammo pouch, compass pouch, officer valise or map case.


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