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Parker Hale PH5C for Lee Enfield No4 Rifles

Parker Hale PH5C for Lee Enfield No4 Rifles


Continuing Parker Hales contribution to British target shooting, the new in 1942 No4 Service Rifle needed a sight to continue the legacy of the PH5A on the SMLE - hence the PH5C was created to put the generous slide and adjustment features on a cast body that fits the No4 Rifle action.  It secures using a longer ejector screw and a screw through the original rear sight ears.  The elevation bridge is easily and quickly removable by winding out the lock screw a whole turn and then pressing it in.  Typically avaialble in 1/2 MOA click increments and continuing the use of the established PH format screw-in dipter designs and options.  Other format dipters can be fitted with an adaptor.


Each item is sold seperatley - multiple purchase discounts can be applied after payment (refunded) - please inquire first.


PH5C #13 has matching body and windage arm numbers and has been to Africa as observed by the electro-penciled "U" property marks.  In nice used condition - some wear and loss of finish - ready to shoot some more!  Does not include fastner screws or diopter.


PH5C fastner kit - the longer ejector screw and a long rear sight ear screw with washer and lock nut.


PH60 eyepeice with rotating dipoter size ring (6 hole).

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