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Parker Hale PH5A Target Sight Components for Lee Enfield N01 / SMLE - Ishapore

Parker Hale PH5A Target Sight Components for Lee Enfield N01 / SMLE - Ishapore


Parker Hale came to fame with its founders creating and advancing target sight technologies at the turn of the 20th century in the famous Commonwealth shooting meets based at Bisely in the UK.  When the British Service Arm settled on the ShtLE mk1 the format of which stabilised and the SMLE including No1mk3 and Ishapore 2A models would keep the same key action features for over 80 years - so did the castings and features of its associated Parker Hale sight - the Ph5A model.  The PH5A has a generous elevation and windage scale using vernier demarcation with 1/2 MOA clicks,  The sights cast base is broad and stable and attaches using longer safety catch and rear trigger guard screws (with the addition of coil spring for the former).  This does not interfere with the function of the safety catch.  The elevation bridge is easily and quickly removable by winding out the lock screw a whole turn and then pressing it in.  The  bridge is alse drilled and tapped for Parker Hale format dipoters - of which there are range to choose from.  Other format diopters can be fitted with an adaptor.


Each item is sold seperatley - multiple purchase discounts can be applied after payment (refunded) - please inquire first.


PH5A serial number 87 is in almost new condition with very few marks.  It is in perfect working order and comes in an orignal box (heavily shelf worn and tape repaired).  A collectors item - does not include mounting fastners or dioptor.


PH5A mounting screw set - 5 pieces to replace the safety screw and rear trigger guard screw with longer items and to provide the right retention / tension through springs and washers.


PH60 6 hole dipoter - a compact design with a thumb index wheel with increasing sized orifaces - allows for light adjustment in changeable conditions.


Other items avaialable upon request

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