"No1" Electric (Signal ) Lamps / Torch+ Battery Adaptors

"No1" Electric (Signal ) Lamps / Torch+ Battery Adaptors


The No1 Electric Torch was developed mid war with flexible utility in mind. It ran off the contemporary EverReady 800 4.5V commercial battery that was standard from 1920 to 1970 - now long obsolete. It also had a handle which also retained the lid and a belt clip on the back to allow hands free use. The Lucas switch on the top could toggle on and also be used like a morse key for signaling. The lens holder featured a blinkered lens with a concealed color lens (red or yellow) in addition to the blitz cover - this allowed a variety of low light night configurations.


The EverReady battery adaptors are a nice period recreation - taking 2 x C cells to achieve 3V - enough to light an original bulb (not included).


The 6V adaptor is as 3D printed and takes 4x AAA cells to achieve 6V - we have matched these to a bright white 6V LED bulb - requires +ve earth to arrange those batteries backwards.


NOS No1 lamps come from stores in an original box and have light dust and shelf wear - easy to bring back to life.


Used No1 lamps are complete and functional - may take a little working to bring to life.


Used No1 lamps can be provided complete and tested with the 6V adaptor and LED bulb.