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Lee Enfield No4T Cheek Piece and Screws

Lee Enfield No4T Cheek Piece and Screws


Reproduction Beech Cheek piece and screw options for the No4T Mk1 sniper rifle and related models (L39, L42 etc).  These are finished in medium bri-wax and include 2 plain steel slot head screws of the correct size and length (the front screw has to be shorter to miss the internal but securing screw).  These are able to take stain and finish to match existing wood.


These were orignally designed for the P14 T rifles (redesignated No3mk1T), these were then re-used on the No4T program.


The ideal fit is attained by placing a piece of sand paper over the butt (abrasive up) and placing the cheek piece on it and moving it back and forth to abbraid the high spots on its underside to become more conforming.

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