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Lee Enfield books by Ian Skennerton - Ideal reference information

Lee Enfield books by Ian Skennerton - Ideal reference information


New books published by Ian Skennerton of Australia in the last 20 years.  An authority on Lee Enfield development and information gained from touring the world archives and interviewing design, and development experts as well as principle collection curators. Ian's perspective and works are prolific.  Ideal for a beginner to find the right path and for developing enthusiasts and experts to reference and build upon.


Handbooks are 34 pocket sized pages (5.5" x 8.5") - simple history, parts description and strip /reassembly instructions.


Small Arms Information Series (SAIS) are @50 pages (11" x 8.25") with laminated covers and stitched spines.  In depth history, larger parts diagrams, key makes, marques and versions depicted.


The Lee Enfield - one hardback color tomb of the century of Lee Enfield development in all nations - 608 pages (12" x 8.5"), versions and marques - ideal for library or coffee table.


The Broad Arrow mk2 - a second more in-depth update 162 page catalogue (12" x 8.5" softback) of all marks, markings, stamps and symbols observed on most Commonwealth Equipment (with a focus on Rifles) - ideal gun bench, gun show bag reference.


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