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British / Commonwealth Small Ration Tin - Reproduction - Select from Menu!

British / Commonwealth Small Ration Tin - Reproduction - Select from Menu!

A reproduction painted small ration tin as used by British / Commonwealth forces in WW2.  This is the small size rectangular tin - @4.3" x 3.5" x 1" - pocket size!


Premium tins have lid detents, silicone seals and corner coin pry grooves.  Brown ration tins come with an authentic resealable tape lid seal.


These are current production tins that are etched, painted and stenciled in the UK to represent common and popular types of ration tins produced in Britain and for Commonwealth forces. 


These are ideal to add to a re-enactor impression or collection for a fraction of the price of originals (and you don't have to baby them so much).  Ideal for filling a pocket and holding small period items or disguising the 21st century gadget stash while in your impression.
These would have been in 24 hour rations, and the 2 men, 3 men and 5 Men ARV ration kits as well as the 14 Man Compo derivatives per their menu lists (more on this when I can provide it).


The Alphabet Compo Ration Versions of Menu Provided Biscuits as a Bread Substitute and featured the small flat Boiled Sweets, Salt and Matches Tin - which had 7 celophane wrapped Victory matchbooks and a couple of ounces of boiled sweets and salt.  I have secured a quanitiy of the NOS  US Victory matchbook version and celo wrapped them - avaialble in quantities of 7 to fill the requisite tin.  Boiled Sweets also avaiable (current production restaurant quality).

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