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Revitalizing a Set of 6 1930's Theatre Slip Lamps

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

I have always loved light and the importance of lighting from each age of art and technology. The Art Deco period saw the most exciting uses of materials and technology - bold, optimistic designs in iron, glass, nickel and brass! I found this set of 6 theatre slip lamps in a local antique store as job lot. They were complete but needed rebuilding.

The metal was in a nice condition with a little patina, the bakelite shades showed aging and some cracks, they were held in place with copper wires in the corners. The electrical componets were all stripped out and equivalent brass rotating switches and ceramic bulb holders procured and installed.

To mount these to the sides of my attic I used pancake metal electrical boxes and added a center stud for the brass mounting nut to hold them up tight.

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