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1943 Savage No4 mk1* Rifle

Updated: Jun 23

Sold to a private collector Feb 2020.

A really nice example of the 1943 war material rifles made for Great Britain by Savage and their subcontractors in the US. These were marked on the upper left receiver surface as "US Property" and as such pose a larger interest to collectors of American made arms.

All parts are marked as made by Savage or Stephens - the use of a squared S and a squared S in a square marks respectively. This is the No4Mk1* model - which has the bolt head release eliminated - instead a groove is present in the receiver rail where the bolt head can be popped up and out to remove the bolt.

Other mid war expedients for manufacture and characteristics of this rile make and type include a mk3 fabricated rear ladder sight, 2 groove barrel and a unique magazine shell manufacturing process that leaves seams visible along the bottom surface. Of note the wood on this rifle is typical circasian walnut and is a characteristic rich orange color.

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