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1942 Longbranch No4 mk1* (DP) Rifle

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

This rifle was sold to a private collection November 2019.

A standard (complete) 1942 Longbranch Lee Enfield No4 Mk1* Rifle made for Britain during WW2. A super nice example exhibiting many L over B marked parts and early features - low side fore wood and rounded cocking piece. The wood shows scuffs and bruises from handling - may clean up even nicer, metal is 90+ condition original finish. Marked with a stamped DP on the top of the receiver ring and with a small DP just ahead of the magazine. These early rifles were put in the DP program for various reasons - most of which would not bother the modern shooter / collector.

The No4 rifle was in development to replace the venerable No1 SMLE during the late 1930's - of which the major goals for improvement were parts standardization for manufacture and service (no more special "Enfield threads"), the bayonet type and fixation were greatly improved and so was the ladder rear sight and longer sight radius. After the massive loss of men and material as the BEF were pushed back to Dunkirk the British government opened contracts for millions of the new rifle from various sources internal and external to the British Isles. These proved themselves in North Africa and were the principle rifle in the push back into and through France to Germany.

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