SANo15 Partition GA 1
Stove - Iris 1_edited
Dummy Hand Devices Group
No8 Tin Carry Strap 4
PH eye piece GA
Singer Assembly 1
SANo15 Hardware Kit
Pyrene Examples
Stove burn test 1 - 2
Peeler 1
Rain chain frozen 2

                             Artisan made wood and metal devices for Historic Home Living from Colonial to Pennsylvania Dutch, Victorian to Art Deco. Decorative form and practical function.  Living History technology from Independence to WW2 – specialists in British and Commonwealth firearms.  Using historic fabrication and repair techniques to reconstruct or restore and blending modern technologies to update and rehabilitate. Wood-Fired, Oil, Gas, Electricity – mains and solar.  One-off custom projects and small run production items in Iron, Steel, Copper, Brass. Aluminum, Glass, Mica and Wood.