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Commonwealth Equipment
Lee Enfield Riffles

For over a century the Lee Enfield genus was developed and perfected by the British Commonwealth for defense, hunting and recreation.  A fascinating field of study within itself, distinct and revered around the world.

1943 BSA (M47C) No4 mk1 T Sniper - Converted by Holland & Holland

1943 brought the decision for Hollands to have only rifles selected for precision at BSA Shirley - previously taking source rifles from 4 factories at the start of the program had presented observed variation in execution which added time for conversion to the scoped standard - war production numbers were now the goal and the Shirley rifles were deemed the best for this. 

BSA 1943 T Left GA.jpg

1941 Maltby No4T Sniper

The new No4 Mk1 rifle was barely in production for a couple of months after trials ended in 1941

Maltby GA Right.jpg

1948 Fazakerley No4mk2

A decent example of a 1948 produced No4Mk2 by Fazakerely UK (just outside of Liverpool). 

Faz 48 L GA.jpg

1943 Savage No4Mk1* Rifle

Nice example of the 1943 war material rifles made for Great Britain by Savage and their subcontractors in the US. 

1942 LB R GA.jpg
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