WW2 British / Commonwealth Rations - Miscelaneous

WW2 British / Commonwealth Rations - Miscelaneous


Other reproduction ration items to complete a WW2 display or collection.


A large Choc and Boiled Sweets tin 9" x4.5"x 1.25" - as found in the 14 Man compo(sition) rations.  These make great stash tins to disguise or store larger peices of 21st centruy living or can be used to store camp or personal items.  Comes with an authentica resealable black tape seal.


Tea ration can - empty sealed A1 sized smooth sided can depicting tea rations as found in the 14 man compo rations.  These can be opened (we recomend a clean edge openener) which allows the can to then be used as a stash or storage - or left open for display.


Other items coming soon to this section!

Type / Source
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