Parker Hale Singer Sight with Windage & 7.62 x 51Range Settings

Parker Hale Singer Sight with Windage & 7.62 x 51Range Settings


A surplus Parker Hale precision sight for L84 and other 7.62 x 51mm high accuracy rifles - as used since the early 90s and still used around the world.


This represents the last generation of the famous "Singer" sight as developed for the No4 Lee Enfield action.  Some of the components in this assembly are marked "F" for Fazakerly, "P" for Poole or "B" for BSA before being incorporated into this assembly configuration by Parker Hale and their subcontractors.


This sight has a new precision base which allows the use of Parker Hale format windage screw and scale and to locate the sight assembly onto an action with 2 set screws and 3 split pins (all M3 items included) and uses a bore to house a spring to give the ladder a positive detent action for up or horizontal.  The peep hole is tapped for any of the Parker Hale family of peep / eye pieces / irises - (none are included in this item).  An adaptor can be used to use Gehman and other target style peep / irises.  The left hand edge of the sight has had new marks added in meters to range the 7.62 x 51 Nato round.  The original British 303 graduations are present on the face.


These are popular sporting and target sites to add to factory or custom rifles.  An instruction sheet is included to add this sight to a No 4 Lee Enfield action (drilling required) to include the windage screw and detent removed from this precision base (which is discarded for this application).


Precision machining and assembly required which ever way you go.