Lee Enfield No5 Carbine Singer Sight

Lee Enfield No5 Carbine Singer Sight


A New Old Spares "Singer" rear sight for the Lee Enfield No 5 Carbine.


These are calibrated for the shorter sight radius of the Carbine and use a unique thread for the elevation clicker to achieve 2 MOA increments - scale is marked for the Mk7 British 303 round from 200 to 800 yards.  The screw mechanism does allow a couple of clicks above this max range and a couple of clicks below the min range for you to set a working 100 yard zero (count whole positive clicks down).


Ideal to restore or replace the rear sight on your jungle carbine - perfect for one made by BSA.


These will fit the No4 actioned rifles, but the range is limited and the rise between ranges is higher - it may serve as approximate if you are using modern sports rounds (typically downloaded for pressure and velocity).