Inglis Bren Mk2 LMG - Semi-Auto, Canada

Inglis Bren Mk2 LMG - Semi-Auto, Canada


This is nicely built and functioning Inglis made Bren Mk2 in British 303 and Smei-Auto form. A re-constituted receiver (observe cut / weld contrast in the photos), all original Inglis parts front to back with a nice overall parkerised finish. The internals have been upgraded to the "Lime" firing mechanism for fault free function. Spare parts and barrel kit, with one live fire barrel and one blank fire barrel (with internal restriction for cycling). A box of 10 thirty round magazines is included.

This item is for sale on Gunbroker - item number: 857662789

BREN is a composite of BRuno and ENfield who co-developed the LMG before WW2 based on Bruno design concepts. The Bren served Commonwealth forces from 1937 through to 1966 in British 303 and until 1998 in 7.62x51mm Nato form. A two man or 3 man crew could lay down effective fire using the magazines and offset sights that would amass more total fire down range than any other system bar the MG42.

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