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British Rifle Butt Stock Marking Disk - SMLE / P14

British Rifle Butt Stock Marking Disk - SMLE / P14


Made to our drawing based on original examples in our collection.  Machined in the USA - new, blank butt stock disks for Lee Enfield SMLE / No1 and Pattern 14 / No3 Rifles.

These were in British use from the early 1900's through to mid 1930's - a round inlet was made in the butt stock for a disk to be added - the disk would have regiment / service and rack number or similar on it.  After this time the hole was often deleted with a wooden block, later still the inlet was ommitted completley.  If your butt stock still has the hole, it can be filled with this new made brass disk.  The rear is marked "ATZ" to deter counterfeiters of original butt disks.  Multiple purchase options and Wholeslare volumes listed.

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