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Faz 48 L GA.jpg

1948 Fazakerley No4mk2

A decent example of a 1948 produced No4Mk2 by Fazakerely UK (just outside of Liverpool).

Faz 48 R4.jpg

The 1948 Fazakerley represents the final iteration of the SMLE design and what are regaurded as the best quality produced and accurate shooting of all the production service No4 rifles.  The refinement made was to move to a trigger pivot hung on the receiver to present more positive trigger control and ease of assembly.  The Mk1 rifles having the trigger pivot on the trigger guard which has relationships and tolerance stack ups from the wooden foreend and other components.  

Faz 48 L5.jpg

The most appealing characteristic of these rifles are the Beech wood sets, which can still be very blonde and bright, giving a contrast to the all parkerised and suncorite painted black metal.  This '48 was probably subdued with "sooted" beech and a light brown stain.  After service this is a little marked, grainy and dirty - also showing "oranging" from the use of Boiled Linseed Oil as maintenance.  Other features include a Mk1 milled micrometer sight and a brass buttplate. 

Sold to a private collector Feb 2020.

Faz 48 L Receiver.jpg
Faz 48 L1.jpg
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